mercredi 18 juillet 2012

Dist(R)o List

Here's the distro list, i'll update it when i'll get new stuff.
all the stuff prices are without shipping (but i prefer "punk" postal service) so contact me and i'll tell you what's the final price.
I really appreciate trades so feel free to send me an email and we'll find a good way to do this!!

12" LP/33tours:

-Gore-Sulimes rituales del mundo bizarro (10" green lp, 7€)
-Compilation The Willi Project-A tribute to the father of scum art (7")
-Agatha-Goatness LP (7€)
-Blood-Dysangelium picture LP (8€)
-Whoresnation-s/t (7€)
-Schtern-l'étang du Grénetier (7€)
-Bakounine-S/T (5€)
-Yattai-Fast music is love (one-side LP, 5€)

CD-Pro :

-European Fastness-5 ways split compilation with Ablach, Xaros, The afternoon gentlemen, A den of robbers and Ocksen (5€)
-Cesar Garage-extreme control of the animal suicide (4€)
-Vaginal chicken-hangover chicken (5€)
-Vaginal Chicken/Bestial Devastation/Defecal of Gerbe-3ways split cd (5€)
-Cannibe/Gutalax-split cd, mondo cadavere/telecockies (5€)
-Grazed-Dragonsneeze (5€)
-Biological Monstrosity/Magistal Flatulences/Spermswamp/Facial Abuse-4 ways split cd (5€)
-Cosmoloco-Sélection naturelle (5€)
-compilation Human Defecation (5€)
-Cannibe-Hideous human vintage (5€)
-Supergrinding 6 ways split avec Pulmonary Fibrosis, Insomnia Isterica, Lactovaginal, Biotox, Sposa In Alto Mare et Genital Orgasm (5€)
-Fatal Nunchaku-paving stone under the beach (5€)
-Grog-Scooping the cranial insides (5€)
-Raw Decimating Brutality-Obra o Diablo (5€)

7" (3,50€):

-split Jean Louis Costes/Mental Hygiene Orchestra
-split Matka Teresa/SMG-grindcore holocaust
-split OlimPalus/Quarto Potere-1184-2010
-split Agathocles/Isomnia Isterica-punk attitude
-split permanent death/pissdeads
-Agathocles-minced in Piracicaba (live brazil 2007)
-split Insolentes/Txixaparrazta
-splitThe Tumour/Proctalgia Eaten and torn apart by wild dogs/The joy of torture
-split Insomnia Isterica/Compost-decomposed animals
-split Obsesif Kompulsif/Shaolin Finger Jabb
-split Proletar/Diorrhea-propagandistik antibiosi
-split Slapendehonden/Terrorazor
-split Insomnia Isterica/Gokurtrussell
-split Exacerbacion/Psychotic Sufferance
-Agatha-Getting dressed for a death metal party
-split PLF/Downtrodden
-split Cancer Spreading/Drunkards-Wasting our lives/Post nuclear drunk warriors
-split SMG/Repulsione-(titre en chingchong)/powerviolence is the fastest non-motorized sport on earth
-split 7mon/Intestinal Infection-1K spât/Tough Guys
-split Dispersiaa/Sakatat- Untitled / Göz Yumanlar Daha Mı Az Suçlu?
-Ban this-creepy crawl ep
-Claudia Shitter-Adolf Shitter-live split 7"
-Ecoute la merde/A-split 7"
-BOOMxCOEUR compil avec BUxKxNONE,Charogne stone, Herpes vaginal, Roger moore, Organ grinder, Ass n'dick, Krap nek, Thrashington dc, Die holle et Intestinal disease.
-Lovgun-Bisou 7"
-split Faxe/Grunt Grunt-hate us or die/merguezbollah from hell
-Xaros-not my scene
-split Trepan'Dead/Yattai

K7/Tape (1,50€):

-Mitch Buchannon vs Roger Moore-true stars split
-Patator-old school grinding punk
-split The Communion/Krupskaya
-split Destrukcija Stvarnosti vs Noituus
-Krapnek s/t
-SMG/Bestial Vomit-split tape : what we are diying for??
-Taste of Flesh-hail hail thrash
-Hal Hutchinson-tape destruction session
-Serrando codos-live at september to dismember 27/09/2008
-Fecalove/Orgasm denial-Split tape

CD-R (2€):

-Suicide general-le village des puissants
-Born with worms inside-démo 1
-Black September-pissing in the oil supply
-Black September-ramadan and machine gun
-split Carne de Puta, Boggy Bong, Gorejah and Wiolence conjugale-songs for the dead
-Ulcerra Cronica-odor putrefacto sempre mais saboroso
-Hydropsy-duodenal suppuration
-Hypochristians/Viscera/Pissed Cunt-3 ways split/Raw grind for you motherfucker !!
-Schiss-Noise aus der Anstalt
-Colico/Exploited Asians Teens/Menso Noise/To Die-noise against poverty 4 ways split
-Epileptic Fistfuck/Grumo/Phlegm Thrower/Satsugai/Malignant Germ Infestation/Bukkake Violence Kommando-for all the men who love the women who love...the pain 6 ways split
-To-Bo-Noise, sex and Drugs
-Vitriol Zero-Brule-X Noiraudiente
-Animal machine/Playing with nuns/To-Bo-split cdr
-Playing with nuns/To-Bo/Ekunhaashaastaack-split
-Audioviruses/Cum commando/To-Bo-split
-Audioviruses/Animal machine/To-Bo-split
-Kenji Siratori-Zenka 1
-Yattai/Cakewet-split cd
-The Gangbang Theory-disciples of the porn
-Scum soundz volume 1-Chaotic sound, Ecoute la merde, Ekunhaashaastaack and Agression sonore

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